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This is what we look like inside, the only thing missing is you. 

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We have something for all kinds of hunger.

We love healthy!

Enjoy an organic, vegan or vegetarian dish.

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Catering is close to our hearts and we have what you need.

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The one thing that can make your experience with us even better is to gather a bunch of friends or family and have our tasting menu. Full of surprises and get a bite of everything.

“I don't care that I'm beeing paid to say this, I would say it anyway. Excellent food, desserts and hospitality.”

Traveller who was searching for and found delicious food.

Did we mention that
we have insanely
delicious desserts?


More than just a restaurant

For the culinary creative people who love something beyond normal shades of grey, it’s a dream.

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See you in the restaurant or if you are in Dar Es Salaam try our sister Restaurant Chili & Lime.

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